Louise is a West Australian writer who has written prose, theatre and poetry since she started writing at the age of eight. She utilises many genres and styles to narrate stories and capture various experiences.

Recently, Louise has explored interweaving past and present narratives to show the impact of our own immediate pasts as well as the effects of a broader cultural heritage on our current lives. By using this technique she has been able to tell her story and that of her unique family background.

Louise loves reading, music, bush walking and travelling, but she especially loves spending time with family and friends. She works part-time as a counsellor and she also teaches music on a private basis.

Louise believes in social justice and has been the co-coordinator of Koolbardies Talking, a meeting place for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women, for over 15 years. She is committed to helping make the world a better place and more sustainable for future generations by minimising her carbon footprint and she would like her contribution and legacy to be a positive one.

– Louise Helfgott

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